woensdag 3 mei 2017

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A friend of mine is raising funds for a community project I very much like. 
(The funds pay for materials, so that her neighbors - with the help of their friends - can make their house wind and waterproof for next winter.) 
(Secretly she is hoping to raise enough to also be able to afford the installation of indoor plumbing.) 
(Perhaps I should mention that my friend is Dutch and her neighbors are Hungarian Roma. Nationwide the Romani people compose about 5% of the total population, 
but in this community it's over 50%, with all of the structural poverty that comes with it.) 
(For some basic info on the Romani people in Hungary see this wiki article : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romani_people_in_Hungary )
With my budget I cannot contribute money, so instead I offered to write a small asemic thank-you-note for every 22$ donated in support of the project. 
And I called the notes wind water water wind.
The size is approx 6.5x9in (17x24cm) and I wrote with acrylic paint on recycled paper. 

This is a very small project that any donation already would mean a substantial boost. 
Please message me on Tumblr or on Facebook, or send me a message request, and I'll inform you about the practical side of things.

(if a note is no longer available, it is marked under the note)

Thank you for your interest!

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